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Mon Amie Online Academy


Welcome to the Mon Amie Online Academy! Online based training showing you how to master a multitude of wedding hairstyles and styling techniques, gain confidence and more. By following these step by step videos and watching them over and over and with hands on practice (and a good social media presence) you will very quickly become an in demand hair stylist. Each month I’ll be adding more styles so you can stay on top of all the bridal trends. I’m going to show you a mixture of really simple but beautiful quick techniques that’ll really speed up your timings on those crazy wedding mornings and a selection of refined hairstyles that’ll give you the confidence to charge more and increase your earnings. I’ve recreated some of my most popular bridal styles and broken them down into easy to follow steps. I encourage you to contact me if you need any help and guidance whether it be with your styles, business questions or just a friendly chat about how things are going for you. Please review the education terms and conditions before purchasing your plan. By subscribing to the Mon Amie Online Academy you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.


2 Plans Available, From £19.99/month



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