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Pictured from the side, Amie, who is brunette and wears a black t-shirt, styles a brides hair, the bride is smiling and has blonde hair pinned up in a plait.

Hey There

Hello I’m Amie, I’m here to help you look and feel beautiful leading up to and on your wedding day. I’m a relaxed and friendly soul who loves being around women and making them feel at ease. I’m known for my friendly approach and laid back attitude, don’t be fooled though, I’m extremely reliable and annoyingly on time (slightly early) to everything! I’m super organised and love to get back to my bride’s enquiries and questions as quickly as possible. I feel so honoured to be invited into your wedding mornings, every single wedding is just as precious to me. You may even find me welling up once your dress is on.


The clue really is in my business name ‘my friend’.

A Little Bit More About Me...

I take pride in really listening to my brides and working along side them to create the best possible outcome. I can help you throughout the whole process and have lots of imagination experience and ideas. 


I’m happiest when I’m helping people feel their best.  There’s no greater joy than seeing my brides with their girls and family on the most important day of their lives!  I often find myself standing in somebody’s family home or in a hotel thinking “is this really my job?!”.  It’s such an honour to be involved in your journey.

I have worked successfully in the hair industry for over 20 years, and have been fortunate to have worked alongside some fantastic and inspirational stylists, often working late into the night conjuring up new styles and fresh ideas with motivated teams.


Working hard in high end fashion salons has been the solid foundation to my career, perfecting my craft, being involved with catwalk shows, photo shoots, music video’s and tv commercials.  Of all of the exciting jobs I have undertaken, weddings have always stood out as something extra special, and having got married recently myself, this is something close to my heart.

Taking care of my bride’s emotional needs on the most important day of their lives, calming nerves and being on hand for whatever they need, is what my reputation has been built on.

Amie (brunette, petite, in a pink blouse) using a curling wand on a black haired bride.
Amie pictured from the side putting pins into the hair of a smiling blonde bride.


07825 186058



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